Country music is a genre that is at its core, full of passion, heart, and the truth. The driving component that makes Country so unique is that it tells stories. Stories that simultaneously capture the simple joys in life and the universal pain we all experience, and seamlessly weaves it all into a captivating package that people from any walk of life can enjoy and connect with. There is a stunning new voice in the Canadian Country Music Industry whose style is a refreshing blend of story-telling, heart-felt traditional folk, and rock with an edgy alternative twist that has connected with her younger fans at home and abroad in a profound way.

Jade Mya is anything but the traditional “country girl”. Channeling the unique fire and rebellion of Jonny Cash, and the power and seductive confidence of Dolly Parton, Jade has crafted a persona that is all her own. She has taken every aspect of her life and celebrated it in her music and presence. A Country Music sensation, an in-demand model, a popular fitness personality, and a dedicated philanthropist concerned with enacting change to better the lives of young people across the globe, Jade Mya is a star who breaks the conventional country mold.
A true love of music has driven Jade to express herself and hone her sound throughout her life, and since partnering with Douglass Romanow, the music director of the Canadian Country Music Awards and a lead producer and songwriter at Noble Street Studios, her career has skyrocketed. From making appearances, with Virgin Quebec’s Jardin Danais and on Playboy TV’s comedy show, “The Man”, to touring with Monet Media, Jade Mya is hitting her prime and loving it.

Jade is currently splitting her time between the studio where she is currently cutting her latest original single, and the road where she thrives during her high-energy live performances. Spreading a love of Country Music across Canada is a driving force behind Jade’s tour and she hopes to do just that, one city at a time. With her hit versions of “This Love Ain’t Big Enough For The Two Of Us” and “Lies of the Lonely”, as heard on Nashville earning tens of thousands of fans online, and her original singles in the works, Jade Mya is a star who has a great deal in store for her loyal fans and the Canadian Music scene.



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